Welcome to the Ryfylke Museum

Skrive av Ryfylkemuseet.


The Ryfylke Museum aims to give the visitors an enjoyable and edifying experience, and to contribute towards the positive development of rural areas.

The old sea house “Nesasjøhuset” in the centre of Sand is our main museum building, housing exhibitions, an archive, a library, a museum shop and a café.

The area of the museum covers a large part of Rogaland County and include a total of 24 sites. Further information of the sites you'll find under the menu Sites.

Added to the responsibility for a highly decentralized museum, we have a special focus on these important areas:


The building museum
The Ryfylke Museum preserves a unique cultural heritage through its collection of 70 historic buildings. Most of them are located where they were originally built and in the landscape in which they belong.

The folk music archives
The Rogaland folk music archives form part of the Ryfylke Museum. They include tapes and videos of traditional music, song and dance, as well as written documentation.

The museum of cultural diversity
The museum is supposed to be a meeting place and forum for dialogue. We try to ensure that new people coming to live in the area also feel ownership of the museum, and want to make the museum a place where everyone can soak up new impressions

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